We offer Executive Management Development Programmes, Accredited Diploma and Degree Programmes and Graduate Programmes.

Our Executive Management Development Courses include:

  • General Management and Leadership Courses,
  • General Management,
  • Poverty & Sustainable Development Courses,
  • Environmental Management Courses,
  • Health Management Courses,
  • Rural Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction Courses,
  • Environment and Sustainable Development Courses and,
  • Health Management Courses.

We also offer tailor made residential and outreach Courses.

Our Certificate, Diploma and Degree Courses include:

  • Business Studies,
  • Innovation & Technology and,
  • Developmental Studies

These courses are accredited by internationally recognised examining bodies and tertiary institutions of higher learning or Universities. Our focus is on developing leaders and professionals in the subject areas of Innovation and Technology, Business and Development Studies.

Our Graduate Courses are aimed at leaders, and these include:

  • Master’s in Leadership and change Management and,
  • Master’s in Business Administration and,
  • Master’s in Strategic Management

These courses focus on Strategic Managerial captains of industry and champions of development for the, Business, Civil Society and the Public Sector. These courses are all awarded by our international partners.