Welcome to Mananga Centre School of Business Leadership Development

Mananga has a long history as a management development centre, focusing mainly on workplace skills development and employee productivity enhancement. It is the only and leading private Higher education institution committed to the development of quality human resources for business.


The Business Incubator

Our recently introduced incubator program helps our students make their innovation dreams a reality. 

Computer Based Testing Centre

We are an approved testing center for:

Campus Activities

We have exciting and educative extra curricular activities integrated into our academic calendar.


Fully Equipped Facilities

  • Newly constructed classrooms
  • Well structured student support 
  • Impressive student learning environment

Who we are.

Mananga Business Portfolio

1. Business, Leadership and Development Competencies

Our Courses are based on understanding of the ever changing business dynamics operating at different levels. The spatial organization map below is illustrative of some competencies needed in the wold of work and private business enterprises.

2. Training, Management and Leadership Development

Our training and development courses are for employees who need help to prepare them for the next steps in their careers, be it the move to supervisory, management or executive level.

3. Higher Education

Students will acquire business management and leadership skills from well researched academic or professional qualifications developed by reputable accrediting institutions. 

4. Consultancy and Research Interventions

Many organisations face unusual or non-routine problems and challenges. These challenges may relate to matters of internal efficiency, or perhaps to changing market, technological and other business conditions. In order to respond comprehensively and appropriately to such challenges, organisations may require external intellectual and logistical support.